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Much greater efficiency and comfort can be obtained in many ways with In’Flector Radiant Barrier Window and Skylight Insulators. There are numerous installation options and In’Flector Insulator material varieties to obtain the performance and functionality you desire. Be assured that all In’Flector Insulators will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
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•  More savings and more comfort than replacement windows or window treatments
•  Unequaled results in hot, cold, windy, or humid environments 
•  Available return on investment estimations and benchmarking
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The See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator
In’Flector Insulating Panels Installed          
With In’Flector Insulator     
No Insulator on door 
In’Flector Insulating Panels before installation 
showing   the solar rejection (left)  and solar 
absorbtion  sides (right).       
In’Flector Insulating Roller Shades
In’Flector Solar Controller Vertical Shades
In’Flector Vertical Shades are also available in 5” Veins (127mm).
In’Flector Retractable Shades
In’Flector Material options
Standard In’Flector material was used on all the installions shown above. It has great solar and radiant heat rejection and solar collecting benefits in cold weather. Here are other In’Flector material options.
In’Flector BZ (In’Flector Breeze) has standard In’Flector solar rejection and solar absorption benefits but allow air passage for cross ventilation.
In’Flector NP (In’Flector Nonperforated) A high efficiency performance blackout material.
In’Flector SR15 (In’Flector Superior Reflectance) has even more solar rejection than standard In’Flector material but less view. This is for where extra heat gain and/or glare call for even greater reflectance and emissivity.
For large installation, Energy Efficiency Done Right (EEDR) and our global manufacturing partner will be happy to work with your company to provide a custom energy efficient Insulator solution. By varying the Visible Light Transmittance (VLT), we can provide the perfect combination of solar control and view to meet building performance goals and staff comfort targets. 

EEDR and our partners can provide greater comfort at lower operational costs. Feel free to tells us about your biggest problems in building performance and we will be happy to provide great ROI solutions.