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San Antonio, Texas 
Lackland Air Force Base Gateway Club (officer's club) in San Antonio, TX used to have serious heat gain problems (both solar and radiant) There were also issues with the glare from the sun and UV damage as a result of the large arch windows and the amount of glass.. 

The See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator
The In'Flector Difference 
The difference from the sun's glare is apparent and evident in the sunlight showing on the carpet. (Note the intense sunlight and glare coming through the un-insulated windows) The heat reduction and comfort after the installation of the In'Flector was “absolutely amazing”. Thanks to the In'Flector Window Insulators the Gateway Club now has the most energy efficient windows of any Air Force Building. 
Norman Wells - Northwest Territory
Land of the Midnight Sun 
Sahtu Health and Social Services in Normal Wells NWT knew they had comfort problems due to the amount of windows in the offices. The offices with more windows would be hotter in the summer months and colder in the winter months. 
The In'Flector Difference
The interior temperature in the building has stabilized, restoring comfort throughout all seasons of the year. The In`Flector has truly exceeded our expectations; 

Just think if it works up here what it will do for the comfort in your home or business. 

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•  More savings and more comfort than replacement windows or window treatments
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Please note that there are numerous installations with results that were so impressive that they requested multiple additional buildings! There are also numerous Canadian installations including embassies, governmental buildings and hospitals. 

In’Flector Radiant Barrier Window Insulators will provide much better efficiency, comfort, and savings than brand new low e replacement windows!
Energy Efficiency Done Right (EEDR) also has available articles from military publications about the effectiveness of In’Flector Window Insulators available upon request. Additionally EEDR can with adequate information, estimate cost savings, payback, and carbon emission reduction obtained with an In’Flector Insulator installation. We can also benchmark your building and verify the savings. EEDR and our manufacturers are ready to assist you on any project. Thank you for your efforts in energy efficiency!

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